>> 2018 //

I am sure this is a Graduationshow!

HKU Oudenoord, Utrecht summer 2018

I am the Beholder

Sculpture, book, paintings  


>>2017 //
Taai Taai

Werk Warenhuis, Den Bosch 

Fall 2017

van Oor tot Oor

Poster, Audio


Snorfabriek, Utrecht

Spring 2017

Wie is utopie? 'De spelende mens'



LAB111, Amsterdam

Winter 2017

Project translation of: What is it with the world  or is it just me? - Annebel Frederik

In association with Quirine Dob and Annebel Frederiks 

Mixed media installation


>>2016 //
While you're Reading

Academie Galerie, Utrecht

Summer 2016

The medium has lost its Message

In association with: Wisse Ankersmit, Daan Diks, Nicolo Groenier 

Mixed media sculpture


>>2015 //

Riso Paradise

Kapitaal Utrecht

Fall 2015

et 'n cky

A3 Risoprint