The Medium has lost it's Message


Mixed Media Installation

2,5 x 3 m

In association with: Wisse Ankersmit,

Daan Diks, Nicolo Groenier

We live in a world in which all kinds of media support our communication. In the current society the one-on-one conversation is no longer the basic of contact. Television, telephone, and most of all online com-munication, we can't imagine to live with-out it. However, the use of these media can bring forth all types of miscommun-ication, so-called white noise. How will this effect the dialogue
of the future?

While You're Reading


Exhibition project manager

Academiegalerie Utrecht,

summer 2016

In association with Mischa Appel

With a group of stu-dents we created this exposition with typo-graphy works (in its broadest sense) based on the book While You're Reading by Gerard Unger. 

'Wat is lezen? Dat geschreven tekst z'n inhoud prijsgeeft of dat je in alle mogelijke zaken betekenis kunt vinden?'  

"What is reading? Written text that shows you it's content, or rather that you can find context in every possible way?"

- Gerard Unger, Terwijl je leest 2006

Exhibition in association with all 2nd year students HKU Graphic Design.